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DrOfficeJobs.com was launched in 2007 by a small corporation in Chandler, Arizona called Monsoon Joe, Inc. The vision was simple:

Provide a job board focused only on jobs found in doctors' offices.

The website has gone thru a few revisions over the years – trying different ways to improve and help folks find that perfect position in a doctors' office. There were some growing pains and some lessons learned.

We finally realized we were making things too cumbersome for our users. We decided to embrace a very basic approach. We would provide just a couple of simple and convenient search tools, a clean and mobile-friendly interface, plus a little info on some popular health careers. Other than that, we would simply stay out of the way of our users.

Today, we feel our website is a favorite among healthcare professionals who enjoy a clean and simple yet smart tool to aid their job search without all the clutter. We hope you agree and will recommend us to other professionals like you.


If you would like to contact us, please do.


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